Manual Testing vs.Selenium Testing

Examining of software can be carried out through both Selenium and Manual tests method, but it will totally depend on the project necessity, budget from the task, and which assessment method will be best for the task. Here you will get basic differences between Manual Tests and Selenium Screening. Enjoy reading it and also try to figure out which is most beneficial for assembling your project.

Selenium Tests vs. Manual Testing

  1. Selenium assessment performs the same procedure each time; Manual evaluation is not reliable. Like this test execution is not accurate on a regular basis.
  2. Selenium trials will be beneficial to execute the group of test situations frequently; Manual trials will be useful when the test circumstance only must run a few times.
  3. After making Selenium test suites, fewer testers are necessary to do the test conditions; to perform the test situations whenever tester requires the same timeframe, more manual testers are needed.
  4. Using Selenium trials, testers can test complicated software too. Manual testing generally does not involve in coding process to fetch concealed information.
  5. Selenium operates test situations significantly faster than recruiting; Manual trials are slower than selenium. Working tests manually can be quite time consuming.
  6. Some time it isn’t helpful in UI trials; Manual tests are much helpful in UI testing
  7. Selenium evaluation is very helpful for automating the Build Confirmation Testing & it isn’t mundane and tiresome. To perform the Build Confirmation Screening is very mundane and tiresome in manual screening.
  8. Preliminary cost of selenium assessment is more than manual screening but useful always;Manual evaluation requires less cost than selenium.


After knowing all benefits and drawbacks of manual and selenium testing, it is not hard to choose whatever type of trials pays to in a specific situation. It is obvious that the same kind of screening can not be used in every situation, so making a good decision can save your valuable time and help in improvement of results. For brilliance in software tests, both assessment methods are needed and both should be examined sensibly because those ideals characterize the key of software QA.


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