Future of Freelance Software Testing

Starting a freelance software testing project is same as any other project. It requires rigorous planning, well thought out tests, and excellent communication skills. As a freelancer however, you may feel more responsible in making sure that your client is fully satisfied with your work. Doing your work with dedication is very necessary. You will have a better chance of getting more work from them in the future.

Question yourself first. Why do you want to become a software tester? How will you achieve your goal? Why software testing, why not programming or graphic designing? Keep asking these questions until you find what really motivates you. If it inspires you, start working on it. Know what software testing actually is. It is an investigation done to provide stakeholders the information about a specific product. Know the requirements you need to fulfill in order to become a freelance software tester. You need to focus on your technical and basic programming skills, knowledge of mobile technology and brush up your critical thinking and creativity.

One of the most common myths about being a software tester is that you need to be a programmer to become a good software tester. This is completely wrong. You don’t have to be an expert in programming. But you should have knowledge about basic coding.

Before you take any step, you want to clarify with your client as much as possible. Tell them everything about it. This means you can provide them the biggest return for their money if needed. Remember not to ever underestimate the clients. They can actually turn out to be smarter than you think.

Make sure you have all the things you need to test. If you are testing remotely, ensure that you have suitable bandwidth, hardware, software to support the testing required otherwise it will create a problem. If you are really into it, start as early as possible.

Also, remember that communication skills are vital for your business. If you are good at communicating with others, you are fit for this job. Freelancers should be good at communication and presentation, since they need to explain scope of work to client every time.


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