Best Software Testing Course in Mumbai with Affordable Course Fees

Choosing a good software testing training institute like SQUAD Infotech is always a difficult task. Many institutes fake about their staff skills, experience, and education. Some of the institutes make false commitments of 100 % placement. You should get all the details of the institutes before joining any institute. The focus must be on the syllabus, course content, and quality of teaching.

Factors to keep in mind before joining any Software Testing Course

  • Which tools are covered during the automation testing course
  • Concepts of both automation as well as manual testing should be taught to the students
  • What kind of tools are being used for the automation testing course? You also need to know about the types of projects that will be covered during the same
  • Check the course content of the software institute and ensure they cover all the relevant topics as per your requirements
  • You can get feedback and recommendations from friends who have already passed out from that institute
  • A certificate should be provided after the successful completion of the software testing course. It will add a value to your resume, when you will be searching for a job as a software tester
  • Job guarantee should be there. If the institute claims of 100% placement guarantee, it must be written on registered legal document
  • Soft skills and presentation skills training form a part of software testing class for overall personality development of the students. It helps gain confidence and success in interviews
  • Enquire about the last campus placements conducted at the institute. Get to know about the companies visited and recruited.

Other factors

  • Who is your mentor, and what are his/her qualifications
  • Syllabus of course content must be relevant to you
  • Aptitude training should be a part of a program as it helps the students to crack aptitude tests when they face different rounds of interviews. Mock interviews should be conducted, which provide students valuable tips for cracking real interviews. It keeps the candidate’s moral high and gives confidence
  • Foreign language coaching should be provided, either in German or French languages for overseas placements

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