Details about a Leading Software Testing Course

In the profession of software development, testing plays an important role, which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of a software application. Without software testing, the quality and performance of the products released will fall, thus impacting the business. Also, once released, software issues and errors are more expensive to fix than when done in development phase.

Software Testing is important:
1. To discover defects
2. To avoid user detecting problems.
3. To prove that the software has no faults
4. To learn about the reliability of the software.
6. To ensure that product works as expected

Three Main Objective of software testing

(1) Determine that software meets end user requirements – Software Testing is not only about finding defects in code, it also checks products against requirements.It ensures that product meets its specification.

(2) Software Testing also demonstrates that the software is fit for use – Software Testing is done to make sure that software is fit for use for the client or user who will be using the software.

(3) Find Defects/Bugs in software – Software testing finds the defects or bugs in software. Fixing those defects or bugs improves the quality of software.

The software testing course is divided into two parts:
PSTD and PSTS, which includes ISTQB and real time projects.

  • PSTD (Professional Software Testing Diploma) – Software Testing knowledge with fundamental Automation Tools
  • PSTS (Professional Software Testing Specialist) – Software Testing knowledge with Advance Automation Tools

Course Duration of these courses: 140 Days
The regular fees of these courses: vary from institute to institute. However, software testing courses in Mumbai with course fee are in the range of 10,000/- to 25,000/-

You’ll learn in software testing course

  • Testing throughout the testing lifecycle
  • Test design techniques
  • Static techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tools support for testing

This software testing course provides the following career benefits:

  • This is a program that guides a professional in shaping a career as a software tester.
  • Certified software testers are most needed-after by the IT recruiters as they are the foundation of successful products and projects.
  • Improves skills on software testing through this course.

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